FarmGate Foundation is a civil society non-profit organization established to play an important role to empower and strengthen farmers capacity (especially the smallholders) and to promote sustainable cocoa farming. Our goal is to transform smallholder farming to a professionalize farming business where farmers are independent entrepreneur and are capable to sustain the industry.

For millions of hard working men and women, farming is more than just growing crops; it is about self-reliance and to have a decent livelihood. As a private sector driven non-profit civil society, we strongly believe that cocoa farmers should be supported to acquire the skills needed to manage a sustainable and profitable farming business by themselves.


Sustainable supply of good quality and better yield of cocoa is often hindered by inadequate circulation of good farming material


Inclusiveness and working together between relevant stakeholders in the cocoa sector, key factors to overcome challenges of the supply chain.


Climate change and its impacts are pushing cocoa production and the livelihoods of farmers their families even deep below poverty


Cocoa farmers are economically not viable particularly smallholder and are unable to sustain their livelihood, due to the low income they earn.

About ACC

Alliance for Change in Cocoa (ACC) is set-up by FarmGate Foundation as the alliance for committed stakeholders, who are interested in realizing an inclusive, transparent sustainable cocoa supply chain.

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Creating Impact

Realizing change is a gradual and difficult process, in the coming years FGF and WCFO will be focusing in driving the cocoa sector towards inclusion, tractability and sustainable. We will do these by building

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Cocoa Events

Cocoa farmers and civil society organizations are jointly organizing a Cocoa Farmers Day Meeting in Berlin, Germany on the 21st of April 2018, one day before the official launch of the WCC4.

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Allow farmers take control of their fate, establishment of “fake” companies driven coop, will increase farmers vulnerability “BAD 4 COCOA SUSTAINABILITY”,we are committed to group unorganized farmers join us

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Our partners

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